Why Is There a Burning Smell When I Turn on the Heat?

It wouldn’t be the best to ignore that funky smell because it’s usually not typical. Observing a heater that smells like it’s burning for more than a few hours could indicate that it’s time for maintenance, and it isn’t a minor problem that will go away on its own.

There are several possible causes for this problem, from simple dirt to serious fire danger. When there is a burning smell, it’s fairly simple to identify and, if it’s an emergency, hire a pro HVAC company in Yucca Valley to get it fixed.

Smell from the Furnace: What Does it Mean?

You don’t need to be alarmed if your furnace smells unusual the first time you turn it on. The smell may be normal. Let’s know about some of the smells that may emanate from your furnace, what they are, and how to deal with them?

  • Normal Dust Burn-Off

The furnace can get dusty and dirty when it’s not in use. Furthermore, dirt can settle on the furnace’s internal components when it’s not running. It may cause a slight burning smell when you turn on the furnace, which should soon dissipate. If necessary, replace the air filter, or contact your local carrier dealer if the problem persists for more than an hour.

It is very common for that initial dusty/burnt smell to make an appearance, but there are some other unusual odors to watch out for as well:

  • The Rotten Eggs Smell

Especially if you have a high-efficiency furnace, a bad smell could mean a faulty furnace. You may be exposed to dangerous levels of carbon monoxide gas in your home if your furnace is inefficient. You should turn off your furnace immediately if you smell a sour odor.

  • Smoke Emanating from the Furnace

As soon as you smell smoke from the furnace, you should address the issue. The gas supply and the furnace should be shut off. When you call for HVAC service in Yucca Valley, be sure to let your technician know what steps you have taken and where you think the problem is located.

  • Musty Smell from the Air Vents

Due to moisture buildup, your air conditioner will likely smell like this. Migrating into the air ducts will cause a musty, mildew-like smell. Your family will inevitably be exposed to mold, which can cause serious respiratory problems.

  • Burning Electrical Smell from the Furnace

Despite the rarity of wiring issues, an electrical burning smell may indicate a problem with the wiring. Don’t hesitate to call a trained HVAC technician if you notice the burning smell persists after one or two heating cycles.

  • A Strong Smell of Burning Plastic from the Furnace

Your furnace may smell like burned plastic, so turn it off immediately and have a technician inspect it. Something may be scorched or malfunctioning if it has an odor like that. Your fan motor may also need to be replaced if your furnace breaks down.

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