Why Does My Furnace Fan Keep Running?

The owner’s duty is not limited to the HVAC system purchase. Owners should regularly perform maintenance of their HVAC appliances. It’s generally observed that the HVAC appliances develop some problems with time. A few might get resolved, while some always stay a mystery.

One such problem is the fan of the furnace. Many owners face this problem with their furnaces. The furnace fan keeps running without any appropriate reason. This is a very common problem with the consumers, and it is needed to be addressed. And so, the owners are advised to go for heating repair in Yucca Valley.

Now there can be a few possibilities that could relate to the roots of the problem. Finding out that problem and addressing it is advisable. Sometimes, the consumer can address such a problem. In serious cases, consumers should go for the help of HVAC technicians. Some of the situations where such a problem arises are mentioned below for your reference.

  • Using Wrong Thermostat Setting in the Furnace

Before getting to the conclusion of any problem, one must start from the basics. The owners should, firstly, see the setting of the fan. If the fan is not in ‘auto’ mode, owners must change the settings. Then the search should proceed further to the setting of the thermostat.

After setting the thermostat to ‘auto’, adjust the temperature lower than the room temperature. This will allow the furnace system to shut down. The thermostat will stop calling for additional heat. Now, wait for some time, and see if the furnace fan shuts off.

If the fan shuts down, that means the problem is solved. It also means that the furnace was constantly delivering heat to the house. Another factor of consideration is the cold weather. Generally, the furnace needs to run non-stop to keep your home warm, or you might have set the temperature too high, making the furnace-fan run constantly.

  • The Problem with the Fan Limit Switch

Many people are not familiar with the fan limit switch in their furnace. Fan limit switch serves as a safety tool. It will automatically turn off the burner if the temperature gets too high. Sometimes it is the limit switch that gets set to manual override. Or the switch itself is faulty and needs replacement.

The fan limit switch is situated on the furnace board. The fan limit switch is a little white button/knob inside the furnace board. If that button appears to be pushed in, that certainly means manual override. Pull the white button out. The switch will get reset to AUTO mode.

Now, if the furnace fan still keeps on running, it requires repair. The problem may be due to some faulty parts of the furnace. In such cases, the repair is the best option. Also, consumers can go for furnace replacement in such cases. Replacing the furnace with a completely new set is the best option here.

Owners in such cases should not hesitate to contact Diversified Heating & Cooling through the website or call us at 760-365-6740 for the best furnace repair in Twentynine Palms.