What Are The Five Main Factors That Affect Indoor Air Quality?

It is suggested that we check our air conditioning system once or twice a year.

Though have you ever considered checking indoor air quality? It is one of the primary reasons we have installed an air conditioner in our home. Before you search the internet for an air quality test company near me, let us explain how indoor air quality deteriorates.

Five Main Reasons That Affect Indoor Air Quality.

  • Dirty Air Filter

An air filter is one of the reasons why you get fresh air throughout the day. It needs to be clean to work efficiently, and remove any contaminants from the air.

You can understand that if a component of such value is not taken care of regularly, then the indoor air quality is bound to be less. At this point, contact an AC unit replacement service near me to change the air filter as early as possible.

  • Excessive Humidity

An ideal home environment should not have more than 30% – 40% humidity. However, it changes depending on the location. If you live in California, you know how humid the weather becomes.

To prevent such a situation from becoming enormously toilsome, consider issues like water leakage and moisture soaking. To understand your home environment more clearly, we suggest contacting a professional indoor air quality company in CA.

  • Dust and Dirt From Outside

Many of us commute daily, making trips from the inside to outside. Therefore, we may carry dust and other airborne particles along with us. When we breathe inside our home, these pollutants reach straight into our lungs and affect our health.

However, you can try several easy steps to combat these issues, like vacuuming rooms regularly, keeping the indoor furniture clean, and washing clothes on time. Along with these steps, you can search for an air quality test company near me online as a preventive measure.

  • Chemical Impact

You might not believe it, but our home cleaning materials can be detrimental. Whatever we use as our cleaning material, the remnants of these products can remain in our room.

Some materials include Volatile Organic Compounds – VOCs that can have shocking effects on our health. Before it becomes too late, contact a reliable indoor air quality company and take precautions as early as possible.

  • Improper Ventilation

A proper ventilation system keeps your home fresh and family members healthy because it lets air pass without any obstruction. If this ventilation system is impeded by dust and dirt, it will circulate poor air throughout your rooms.

This condition is highly essential to your health as well as your home. If such a situation arises, it is best to search online for an air quality test company near me.


Now that you know how indoor air quality is affected. We should also inform you that such a condition can hamper your air conditioner’s lifespan and encourage you to search for an AC unit replacement service near me.

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