What Are The Common Causes Of Air Conditioner Failures?

If you turn on your air conditioner, only to discover that it is either not working, blowing warm air, or making odd noises, you should monitor your AC unit closely. If your air conditioner is not working, it can be caused by a variety of reasons, including dirty or blocked air filters. In other cases, it can be a compressor or refrigerant issue. You should know the most common reasons for air conditioner breakdowns and what you can do to prevent or fix them.

Common Reasons For Air Conditioner Failures

Below is a list compiled by our AC service in TwentyNine Palms, CA, explaining the causes of air conditioner failures that may require our assistance.

  • Faulty Fuse Or Circuit Breaker

A malfunctioning circuit breaker or fuse is one of the most frequent reasons for air conditioner failure. Changing a fuse or blown breaker on your own might be dangerous because you are handling an electrical system. Contact our qualified HVAC specialist from our company to take care of the issue.

  • Refrigerant Leak

Refrigerants are typically needed for air conditioners to function effectively. A refrigerant leak can be a serious issue even if this refrigerant is contained and completely safe in a functioning air conditioning system. A leak is terrible for our environment. Skilled and qualified technicians can assist in locating and repairing the refrigerant leak and recharging your air conditioning system to get it back to its working condition.

  • Frozen Coil

When frost and ice accumulate on the evaporator coils of your air conditioner, it might be a little unsettling. Making sure your air filter and ductwork are clean is one approach to prevent freeze-ups. Good air circulation is essential to keep frost off your coils and keep your air conditioner running efficiently. Another scenario is that your system runs out of refrigerant, making it much harder to keep your house cool.

  • Broken Parts

The performance of your air conditioner will gradually deteriorate with time, including wear and tear. It may be more important to arrange for a professional inspection of your air conditioner’s key components if your system is over a few years old. Regular use can cause electrical connections, fan blades, and compressor parts to malfunction.

  • Poor Maintenance

By ignoring the annual examination and cleaning of your air conditioner, you may void the manufacturer’s warranty and reduce the lifespan of the air conditioner unit. Put in the effort to maintain your air conditioner regularly, and hire our technician to inspect and clean it once a year.


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