What Are The 5 Main Factors That Affect Indoor Air Quality?

We spend most of our time indoors, but how frequently do we consider the air we breathe indoors? Since indoor air is frequently recycled, unlike outdoor air, it tends to retain contaminants and allow them to accumulate in these small spaces.

The term “indoor air quality” (IAQ) typically refers to the environmental factors present inside buildings that may impact occupant comfort, health, or productivity. Significant short-term and long-term health concerns for residents are associated with indoor air pollution.

Accurate indoor air quality monitoring informs building owners and occupants of the kind and extent of pollution, allowing them to take appropriate action.

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Factors That Affect The Indoor Air Quality

Here are the elements in your home that can be affecting your air quality:

  • Temperature

The air quality in your home greatly depends on the temperature inside. When the temperature inside your home is too high, pollutants might enter more quickly. Maintaining your home at an appropriate temperature of between 70°F and 78°F is important.

  • Humidity

The secret to having clean air in your home is maintaining the ideal humidity level. Lack of humidity can result in rashes, sore throats, dry skin, and eye discomfort, while too much humidity can be a haven for mildew and dust mites. Between 30 and 50 percent relative humidity is the best range inside.

  • Ventilation

Poor ventilation in your home might keep toxic air inside. This causes the accumulation of dust, pollen, and germs. Don’t forget to use exhaust fans and sometimes open doors and windows to let fresh air into your house.

  • Pests

We adore our animals! While they improve our lives, they can also degrade the air quality in our houses. Pets can cause allergies, headaches, and even some skin diseases due to the shedding of their hair. Pets can also bring pests like fleas and mites to your home. To lessen the impact they have on the quality of your indoor air, it’s important to take care of your pet and change your air filters once a month.

  • Chemicals

Some pollutants float freely in the air in every home, and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are almost common everywhere. New paint, flooring, furniture, and cleaning supplies all contain VOCs. While certain VOCs will always be present in your home, excessive amounts can negatively affect health. Sadly, many houses have higher levels of VOCs than you may realize.

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