Various AC Noises and What They Might Mean

Is your ac making loud noises? So when you hear any strange sounds or noises coming from your AC, be attentive. Ignoring mysterious noises from your air conditioner can turn minor problems into major expenses. These noises may indicate anything from a simple tune-up to costly repairs or, in the worst-case scenario, replacement of the entire unit. The sooner you can identify the noise source and solve your AC problems, the better.

Noticing various noises coming out of your AC followed by a loud AC noise, turn off your air conditioner and contact an HVAC professional for AC Repair Twentynine Palms.

Here are some of the most common sounds your HVAC system might make and what they might indicate.

Clicking Noise

While hearing a clicking noise at the start or end of your cooling cycles is normal, hearing a continuous clicking sound from your air conditioner is not. A faulty thermostat could cause this type of sound. But since removing and installing a new thermostat is a difficult task, contact a licensed HVAC contractor in your area for assistance.

Strange Rattling Noises

The rattling noise is caused by loose sticks, dirt, or leaves in your outdoor condenser unit in the best-case scenario. The simplest solution is to disassemble the unit and remove these items. In the worst-case scenario, this air conditioner sound could be caused by a faulty electrical component in your system. If you notice an HVAC contractor, you should address it as soon as possible to avoid damage to your central air conditioner’s compressor.

Pounding or Banging Sound

Banging is usually an indication of a loose or broken part inside the air conditioning compressor, such as a connecting rod, piston pin, or crankshaft. Perhaps your indoor blower is out of balance. A thudding noise may also indicate that your system’s compressor needs to be replaced.

Screeching Noises

The major reason for an air conditioner producing screeching noise is a defective fan motor in the outdoor condenser unit. The fan in your home’s central air conditioning system removes heat from the refrigerant. If your air conditioner is shrieking, it could be due to a problem with the fan motor. This sound could also be caused by a broken motor in the condenser system’s compressor.

A damaged blower fan motor inside your home can also cause a screeching or squealing noise. The blower fan is designed to collect warm air from your home’s rooms. When the blower fan motor is turned on, your enclosure’s hot and humid air is collected by your return ducts and directed to your air conditioning system. The blower fan will then distribute the cold air from your system throughout your home. Do not hesitate and call professional HVAC for AC service at Twentynine Palms so they detect the underlying issue with your AC and mend it on time.

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