The Reasons Your Furnace Is Short Cycling

A properly functioning furnace should cycle only 3-8 times each hour, depending on the state of your furnace system, the outside temperature, and other factors. You might have a furnace issue if your furnace cycles too frequently or runs for a few minutes before turning off. Your energy costs can be higher than they need to be, if your heating and cooling system regularly cycles on and off.

What Does A Furnace's Short Cycling Mean?

  • Unclean Air Filter

A dirty air filter most frequently causes short cycling. The proper airflow to the heat exchanger won’t be possible if your air filter is clogged with dirt. It may lead to the furnace overheating, in which case the high-limit switch must intervene by turning the furnace off.

The cycle will continue after it cools and restarts. Short cycling of this kind can be easily avoided by regularly replacing the air filter in your furnace. The furnace needs to be cleaned or replaced every month to ensure it operates at its best.

  • Issues Of The Parts

Your heat exchangers won’t be warming air if your blower motor is out, and the furnace may shut off. The mechanism turns the furnace off if the air temperature rises too high and may be broken, causing an early shutdown of the furnace. Your vent may be obstructed, preventing heated gasses from leaving the system correctly.

You can have a problem with your furnace if the vent isn’t functioning correctly or the ignition mechanism isn’t producing a flame in 4 seconds. A faulty ignitor or a dirty or damaged flame sensor (thermocouple) could be to blame. If you think this is the issue, have an expert for furnace repair in Twentynine Palms inspect the problem.

  • Thermostat Problems

The most likely cause of a furnace short-cycling is a dirty air filter, but your thermostat may also be the problem. Like any mechanical device, it is not entirely dependable and may require maintenance from time to time.

It may be impacted by heat sources and shut down early if it is close to a heat register, a space heater, or bright sunshine. Call a professional for heating service in Twentynine Palms for assistance.

  • Air Leaks

Before you look into more complicated explanations for your short-cycling issue, consider air leaks as an additional probable reason with an easy fix. Inadequate insulation or leaks let recently heated air to leave and force the furnace to fire up again.

Examine your windows to discover if any are unlocked, or the seals aren’t intact. If air is escaping, you might need to caulk the frames to keep the warm air within from escaping.

  • Incorrect Sized HVAC System

If you recently moved in, your heating system might be too big for your house. Additionally, it shortens the lifespan of your system and causes extra wear and strain on it. If you think this is the issue, call a qualified HVAC technician for heating service in Twentynine Palms.

With or without a professional’s assistance, once you locate the issue and resolve it, your furnace will be able to function correctly, and you’ll feel more comfortable. Diversified Heating and Cooling is your best choice for furnace repair in Twentynine Palms. Call us at 760-418-0426.