Repairing vs. Replacing Your Home’s Heating System

Modern heating systems are more than just machines that heat your home when the temperature drops outside. They make sure the air is clean and offers a safe indoor environment. But even the most efficient heating systems need love and care. So, apart from scheduling regular heating services, you may want to understand when you need to get your heating unit repaired. And inevitably, when you need to replace it. 

Repair or replace?
Here are a few considerations that can help you determine whether you need to replace your heating system or a few minor repairs will do the work.

  1. Your system’s lifespan
    Age is a key factor when it comes to HVAC systems. Most heating systems have a lifespan of 15-20 years. However, just because your unit is over 20 years old does not mean it’s time to discard it. The life expectancies are not set in stone, and various factors can impact your system’s longevity. So before you make a rash decision, contact experts who will help you assess your system’s condition and make informed recommendations.

  2. Danger: Carbon monoxide detected!
    It might be obvious, but if your heating system poses a threat to your health, it’s time for it to go. The most dangerous threat you may encounter is carbon monoxide leakage. Cracks in the heat exchanger can lead to the undetected leak of the lethal gas into your home. If you or your loved ones experience frequent headaches, nausea, disorientation, or flu-like symptoms, you may need to replace your heating system immediately.

  3. Frequent repairs
    It’s common for your heating system to break down once in a while as it ages. A few repairs or replacing of some components will bring your unit back in business most of the time. But, as the heating system nears the end of its lifespan, it’s going to need repairs more often. If this happens, you’re better off replacing the entire system as a lasting solution.

  4. Your home is too dusty
    As mentioned before, your heating system also provides ventilation to your home. If your heating unit is unable to clean or moisturize the indoor air, it may feel too stuffy. You may also observe stale smells and excess dust around your home. In such a case, you can schedule heating repair in Yucca Valley to fix the issue. However, if the problem persists even after repairs, getting a replacement may be more effective.

  5. High energy bills and discomfort
    Your unit’s efficiency will eventually decline with age, which can lead to the system using more energy to keep your home warm. Increasing energy bills is a common indication that your system needs servicing or replacing. Additionally, if your unit is too old or incorrectly sized, it will not distribute air uniformly throughout your home. If you have to set the thermostat frequently or feel that some rooms are too hot or cold, arrange for a heating repair in Yucca Valley.

Rely on Diversified for expert advice
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