Problems You May Face Due To Irregular AC Servicing Schedule

An air conditioner works an average of ten to fifteen hours daily, which is extremely extensive for an HVAC appliance. Since it works for so long, the sensitive components face regular wear and tear damage, reducing their working efficiency.

As the owner, you need to ensure that your system works with proper efficiency levels to maintain your comfort levels and safety. If anything happens to your air conditioner, you should contact a technician for AC repair services in Twentynine Palms for the earliest solutions. One of the best ways to ensure that your system will work efficiently is through regular servicing schedules.

Problems That Might Occur If Your AC Isn’t Serviced

If you tend to avoid servicing schedules due to their bills, you may face several problems, ranging from frequent repair jobs to safety hazards:
  • Reduced Efficiency

If anything happens to an air conditioner, its efficiency reduces as the first symptom. Avoiding servicing schedules can reduce its efficiency as the components will continue facing wear and tear damage without any repairs.

  • Water Leakages

Water leakages spoil your walls and create unwanted water puddles around your air conditioner. Moreover, they can create rusting problems in your home and increase bacterial growth. You can avoid these issues through regular servicing.

  • High Energy Bills

An inefficient air conditioner is bound to consume more energy while working, as it works for extra hours to maintain indoor temperature. This extra work increases your energy bills and the wear and tear damage in the system.

  • Unwanted Noises

An air conditioner should not create unwanted noises and sounds while working in a home as it may hinder the peaceful environment. Unwanted noises indicate that a part or more parts are facing some issue in the system. You should contact a technician for AC service in Twentynine Palms to remove the noise.

  • Foul Smells

Just like unwanted noises, a foul smell is troublesome for the owners. If you notice a foul smell lingering in your home when you enter, it may be due to your air conditioner. There are several reasons for a foul smell, like dirty air filters and bacterial growth inside the system. A professional technician can easily find the real reason and fix it for you during the servicing schedule.

  • Strong Vibrations

An air conditioner vibrates gently when it works due to the transfer of air, refrigerant, and water. However, if your air conditioner vibrates strong enough that it threatens to fall, you should take proper safety measures. Contact your technician if the vibrations do not stop.

  • Ice Formation

It is not abnormal for an air conditioner to have frozen evaporator coils once in a working cycle. However, frequently frozen evaporator coils are an alarm for the owners. Frozen evaporator coils are due to improper air circulation within the system. Regular servicing ensures that this problem does not arise.

  • Short Cycling

Short cycling is a serious issue in air conditioners that needs immediate professional attention. If an air conditioner continuously short cycles without reaching the required temperature, it can harm the sensitive parts of the system irreparably. However, you can avoid short cycling with regular servicing schedules.

  • Carbon Monoxide Leakages

Carbon monoxide is a poisonous gas for living beings and a by-product of air conditioners. A separate valve carries the carbon monoxide gas outside the system for your safety, but the valve may have leakages due to several reasons, causing the gas to leak in your home. Regular servicing ensures that you do not face such safety hazards.


A small servicing bill can save you from a large repair or replacement bill in the future. Contact Diversified Heating & Cooling for the best AC services in Twentynine Palms. Our customer care desk is available to serve you at (760) 418-0426