Keep These Points In Mind While Designing An HVAC System

The major difference between a residential HVAC system and a commercial HVAC system is its layout and planning. A residential HVAC system does not require much planning beforehand, but this is not the case with a commercial HVAC system, whether heating or cooling.

Owners need to keep several factors in mind when they have to design a commercial HVAC system. It is best to contact a reputed HVAC company in Yucca Valley for this job, but as the owner, you should also know about those factors to prepare yourself. Here are some of them that you should know:

The Type Of Cooling System

You cannot begin the designing process unless you know the type of cooling system you want for your commercial building. There are three common types of cooling systems used for commercial purposes. Here is a small guide about those three systems:

  • A Split System – This is the most common cooling system for commercial purposes. It can heat or cool your commercial building by adjusting the temperature on the thermostat. Another reason most commercial owners prefer them is that they are highly cost-effective and efficient in working.

  • A Hybrid System – A hybrid system is similar to a split system, but there is a difference in its heating process. A split system has a boiler to warm your place, whereas a hybrid system has both a boiler and a heat pump for heating purposes. You can control your energy bills easily with this difference.

  • A Packaged System – As the name suggests, a packaged system has one unit that can both heat and cool your place. It is smaller in size and can easily fit anywhere. One of its drawbacks is that since only one unit exists, even the slightest problem can break down the system. Conduct an HVAC repair in Yucca Valley if you notice any issues.

The Size Of The System

Once you decide the type of HVAC system you need for your commercial building, you should know its right size. You should not design a smaller HVAC system for a large building and vice versa. It is best to contact a professional technician for accurate calculations related to the size of your HVAC design.

The Ductwork Network

Whether it be a heating system or a cooling system, it needs a proper ductwork network for the even distribution of air. If the ductwork network does not match the needs of your HVAC system, it will not work efficiently. Contact your technician for HVAC repair in Yucca Valley for ductwork issues.

The Efficiency Of Your HVAC Design

An inefficient HVAC system can sometimes work efficiently if its design is flawless. Ensure that the HVAC design maximizes the system’s efficiency so that you get good benefits.


There are numerous factors that you need to consider while designing the layout of your HVAC system. In such cases, it is better to contact an experienced and skilled HVAC company in Yucca Valley to help you with the task. Diversified Heating & Cooling has years of experience in this field and other HVAC services.

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