How Long Does It Take To Replace An Entire Air Conditioning Unit?

The summers in Yucca Valley usually last for more than three months and can exceed 100° F, reaching its peak in July. During this hot weather, when you are about to replace your old AC, the first thought that strikes your mind is how long you have to wait for the process of the entire AC replacement.

If you avoid the troubling DIY AC placement and go for professional air conditioning installation in Yucca Valley, the replacement process will take approximately 6 hours. Read further to know what factors can delay the AC replacement process.

Factors That Determine AC Replacement Duration.

Although AC replacement is a one-day job that finishes within a few hours. If there are no complications in the replacement process, it will take only 2 to 6 hours, whereas some situations can make the installation process a bit longer and stretch it to 8 to 10 hours. The factors that can affect the total time required for AC replacement are:
  • Pre-Installation AC Inspection

You get your AC replaced when the malfunctions of the old AC or shifting to a new house are the reasons. Therefore, the complete inspection of the old AC is essential.

It is to verify whether the condition of other contributing equipment is good or not because their condition will affect the performance of your new AC. After the inspection, the technician will visit the next day to finish the AC replacement.

  • Size And Rooms

Whether your AC is ducted or ductless, the size of your residence and the number of rooms your house has determines how much time will be required to finish the AC replacement. If you are installing a ducted air conditioning unit, the air ducts get installed according to the square footage of your house.

The houses with high ceilings need more time to cover the duct line installation process. If you are installing a mini-split, you will need a separate AC unit installed in each room, and the number of rooms your house has will reduce or increase the duration of AC installation. The size of the AC also matters as the bigger size will take more time to get fixed.

  • Condition Of The House

The condition of your house, its location, height, etc., matters a lot during AC installation. If you live in an apartment or flat on the 10th or higher floor, the installation process will be a bit longer as the outdoor unit cannot be installed simply on the lawn.

However, if you have an independent house, the process becomes easy and quick as the length of ducts and insulation decreases. It makes outdoor unit installation less tricky. Your house must be in good condition and strong enough for the AC installation.


These reasons affect the duration of Palm Spring AC installation. You can rely on Diversified Heating and Cooling for a hassle-free, quick, and secure HVAC replacement. We are a licensed company that has been serving the industry for more than a decade. Call us today for more information.