Get Your HVAC Ready For The Stormy Weather

Spring is a colorful season that brings pleasant temperatures and blooming flowers. However, it also brings with it the vicious stormy season. Living in an area prone to drastic weather often brings a unique set of challenges along with it. A part of your house that is vulnerable during this season is your HVAC system.

Different Ways to Protect It:

Inspect your HVAC Systems

  • Inspecting your HVAC system is always a good idea to check for leaks and faults. Storms can often cause various damage to both the indoor and outdoor units.
  • Consulting your local HVAC specialist before and after a heavy storm will ensure the system’s longevity and prevent any charge damages to the house.
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Install a Surge Protector

  • Storms often bring the chance of lightning strikes. This lighting brings a high voltage current that can cause electrical surges in houses.
  • Since these changes in electrical current can be unpredictable, they can cause damage to electric circuits.
  • Surge protectors take the burnt of the high voltage current so that your air conditioners do not have to.

Cover It Up

  • There are a multitude of things that can cause damage to your HVAC units during a storm, from flying debris to heavy machinery that can cause untold damage to your system.
  • Covering your HVAC materials with a heavy tarp or wood will create the ultimate protection for the units.
  • The coverings provide security and give stability and support to your HVAC units.

Keep the Systems Off

  • This is one of the often neglected points for protecting your HVAC unit.
  • Storms often bring the risks of flooding, electric surges and power loss.
  • The damage caused by this is further amplified by a running AC or heating unit.
  • Turning off the air conditioner and heaters before a storm can help reduce the damage to a large degree.

Precautions to Be Taken Before a Storm:

Having lived through various storms, we all know the difficulties associated with a storm. Some common precautionary steps that you can take to deal with this are as follows:

  • Heat up or cool down your HVAC system. This step will ensure that your house has sufficient heat to keep your family comfortable during the storm.
  • An added benefit of raising or cooling the temperature of your units will ensure there are no sudden temperature-related damages.
  • Unplug and move any window units into the house. Further sealing any windows will prevent creating any weak spots in your home that will allow the storm into your home.
  • Talking about the safe practice and precautions during a storm with family members will create awareness and ensure that everyone is better prepared for the upcoming weather.

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