Furnace Repair: Common Problems and How To Fix Them

During different times of the season, your furnace may be susceptible to various issues. Many components are involved in making a furnace run smoothly. If one of those components stops working, this will lead to the furnace shutting down.

This is extremely discomforting and problematic if it happens in the winter season. However, there is a problem with every solution. At Diversified Heating & Cooling, we have compiled a long list of solutions for this. Be it a dirty air filter or a worn-out motor, we have a solution for everything!

What Are Some Common Furnace Problems?

A furnace can face various problems from its components or the outside environment. Here is a list of some common problems that a furnace may face:

  • The Furnace is not Producing any Heat: If your furnace is having issues with producing heat, then there might be issues with the heat registers, control valve, or thermostat. Chances can also be a dirty burner or flame sensor.
    However, it is nothing to worry about as you can try to solve these problems by yourself first. Try checking the thermostat’s settings, and see if the control valve is open if you have a gas furnace. Also, inspect the filter, burner, and flame sensor to see if they aren’t covered in dirt or dust.
  • The Furnace is not Producing the Required Amount of Heat: This is an easy and inexpensive fix and usually requires some cleaning and replacing. If your furnace is not producing enough heat to heat the entire house and keep it warm, then the filter or blocked vents or ducts might be the culprit.

    Ensure that you clean your filter once every 90 days and that there is no obstruction in the vents and pipelines. There is an exterior fix as well; insulation. Try insulating your house more if it has any cracks or too many open windows. Insulation can help improve the warmth of your house drastically. To help with your insulating needs, you can call our furnace repair Twentynine Palms team, experienced in all insulating needs.
  • Furnace Keeps Running Continuously: If your furnace is running without a break non-stop, then you may need to check its blower fan or settings. If it is not in the ‘ON’ mode, there must be some issue related to a dirty or clogged blower. Moreover, if the furnace has dirty components and a flame sensor, it will keep running constantly. It cannot detect temperatures and might have trouble reaching the desired temperature.
  • Strange Noises Coming Out of the Furnace: If you’re hearing a clanking, banging, or popping sound coming out of your furnace, then contact an expert immediately. It can be due to a clogged burner, which traps gas and leads to a mini-explosion in the furnace. It is dangerous and can damage your furnace in the long run. The reasons behind these sounds can also be worn-out motor bearings or a loose blower.

    Overall, yearly maintenance and tune-up can do wonders, and for that, you can contact our Yucca Valley heating service team. We’ll be delighted to assist you with any HVAC service you need, and our expertise speaks for itself!

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