7 Basic Tips For Fixing Your Heater Like A Pro

If your heater is blowing cold air, making noises, releasing odors, or shutting down, you may feel the urge to contact a specialist for heating repair in Yucca Valley immediately, but you can first take steps to resolve the issue yourself.

Your heater may be malfunctioning due to some minor and easy-to-fix problems. Here we will make troubleshooting the residential heater easy. Read below to find out how.

Fix Your Heater Like A Pro in 7 Steps

Some basic heating mistakes can cause your heater to malfunction. When minor heating flaws bother you, follow these seven easy steps to fix them like a pro and save money on professional visits and inspections.

  • Up-to-date Thermostat

A non-programmable thermostat needs your input manually more than twice or thrice a day, according to the changes in the temperature. You should ensure that your thermostat setting suits your region’s climate. 65° F is the ideal thermostat temperature during winter, and the fan must be on “Auto” mode.

  • The Control Batteries

Our heating and cooling units get controlled using two methods, i.e., the thermostat controls room temperature, whereas the remote controls the thermostat. If you have a battery-required thermostat, the battery will need a replacement after some time.

The remote control also needs a battery replacement. Dead batteries often cause malfunctions. Therefore, one should replace them when needed to fix the heating unit.

  • Check Gas Supply

Confirm that the gas supply is ‘ON’. The gas lever must be opposite the gas pipe if the gas valve is open. The gas valve is not supplying the gas if it is not in a parallel position.

  • Set The Circuit Breaker

The flipped circuit breaker stops the furnace or heat pump. It is easy to fix the tripped breaker. You have to restart it by flipping it upward. If you use a heat pump, there should be separate circuit breakers, one each for the indoor and outdoor units. Restart both to fix your heat pump.

  • Check The Air Filter

A filter is an essential pillar for the smooth operation of heating equipment. It protects the internal components of the heating unit from dirt, dust, mold growth, etc., and ensures fresh indoor air.

If you do not replace your heating air filter at least once in 90 days, the continued usage of a dirty air filter will attract expensive furnace repair in Yucca Valley.

  • Unblock The Vent

The exhaust vent can clog with dirt and restrict the air. Clean the air vents to ensure the air is flowing smoothly. Restricted air will damage the entire HVAC unit.

  • Unclog Drain System

Clogged drain lines are responsible for mold growth and poor indoor air quality. You should flush the drain lines for proper drainage. If the HVAC system blocks the drain lines frequently, call for heating repair in Yucca Valley as soon as possible.

Still Having Problems? Contact Diversified Heating and Cooling

These are the basic steps to fix a malfunctioning heater. If these tips don’t help, the damage could be more severe and should be handled by an experienced professional. Diversified Heating and Cooling has been providing elite HVAC and sheet metal fabrication services in Yucca Valley, CA, since 2009. We are a licensed, reputed, honest, and dedicated team of HVAC technicians.