6 Furnace Maintenance Tips To Make Your Winter Warm & Cozy

How do you get your HVAC system back to its best shape? Well, you can try preventative techniques throughout the year or pay attention to them before the season. But of course, we recommend the former.

Here are Some Tips to Make Your Winter Warm and Cozy So That You Remain Comfortable!

  • Check Your Thermostat: Your furnace’s thermostat is a vital part of its system. It regulates the temperature and also plays a key role in ensuring efficiency. However, improper calibration and dirt & dust can lead to a reduction in efficiency and uneven temperatures. So, try to keep it clean and regularly calibrated by experts. Remember- a thermostat should be looked at only by professionals, as it has complex electrical connections.
  • Check the Control Valve: If your furnace has trouble starting up or producing heat, check the control valve immediately. It controls the flow of the gas to the furnace. If it is shut off, then it means that there is no gas coming to the furnace. Hence, no heat is being produced. So, keep checking the control valve if no heat is being produced.
  • Clean Your Furnace Regularly: You already know that not cleaning your furnace regularly can have negative effects. It can lead to your furnace shutting down, resetting frequently, and cycling frequently. Your furnace’s air filter, burner, flame sensor, and pipelines have a chance of getting dirty because of dust and dirt.
    If your air filter is dirty, it will make your furnace struggle more to produce heat. This, in turn, will lead to your electricity bills rising rapidly. So, make sure to clean your furnace from time to time. Cleaning your furnace is also a way of maintaining your family’s health, as no dirt and dust will circulate with the furnace clean.
  • Put Oil in the Motor: The motor is a moving part, which tends to get worn out very quickly. So, to preserve and extend the lifespan, make sure that they are well-oiled and lubricated. Add oil to the motor to maintain its capability.
  • Keep the Furnace Off During Spring and Summer: Spring and summer have a warm temperature, which calls for putting away your furnace. To ensure its efficiency and preserve its optimal condition, keep the furnace off during these seasons. Use these seasons for cleaning the furnace and servicing it.
  • Get a Professional Tune-Up Yearly: Professionals know where your furnace is having problems, along with the how and why. So, the best way to maintain your furnace and keep it ready for winter is to contact the experts from the Diversified Heating & Cooling’s heating repair Yucca Valley team!

These are the best tips and tricks to make your winter warm and cozy. Also, if you need more suggestions or a consultation, contact us at Diversified Heating & Cooling. We know what works best for your furnace and are ready to help you with air conditioner and furnace repair in Yucca Valley! For more information about estimates and plans, reach out to us on (760)418-0426 or visit our website as soon as possible!